Diálogos com um monólogo

Hugo Ribeiro (1983 - )

Ref. ava100418

Diálogos com um monólogo

Continuing the idea initiated in December 2006 when I wrote Dialogues for solotrumpet, Dialogues with a monologue represents a kind of second part of this “cycle” for solo  brass instruments.

The gestures used in this piece are distinguished and communicate between them in form of a dialogue, with question and answer. They also speak with others of my old pieces that served the inspiration for some contours and melodies.

The form of the piece is clear and organized in a quasi symmetric way: A B A coda (slow – fast – slow – fast). The gestures distinctly identified are characterized by a reduced number of intervals that underline its character and its narrative of ideas for this conversation.

Dur.: c. 2’ 45’’