Piotr Woycicki

Piotr Woycicki was born in Warsaw in 1983 and has lived in Portugal since 1989. He holds a Master of Arts in Theatre Studies from the University of Lancaster (U.K.) where he is currently finishing a doctorate in that subject, founded by the AHRC. In the past he has also studied Architecture at the University of Sheffield. He started his musical education by studying piano at the age of nine. He then privetly studied classical music composition, with composer Eugenie Zoudelkin and during his student years has composed soundtracks to enumerous theatre pieces including a full film score to, Falling Awake directed by Pete Brooks.

More recent works include a grotesque virtuoso piece for violin and piano titled Devil’s Dance and violin cadenzas for W.A. Mozart’s ‘Haffner’ Serenade (performed by the Oporto National Orquestra, ONP, Coimbra and Guarda November 2008) and for J. Haydn’s I Violin concerto in C-Major (performed by ONP in Oporto September 2009, Casa da Musica).

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Devil´s Dance

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