Tiago Cabrita (1985 - )

Tiago Cabrita was born in 1985 in Lisbon.

He’s a composer and a music teacher at Colégio Moderno in Lisbon. Undergraduate in Composition by Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa, Tiago Cabrita has written a chamber opera and music for orchestra, ensemble, chamber music, choir, electroacoustic music and solo instrument music with or without electronics.
In 2008 he partipated in the “Novos Ciclos por Segundo” concert with “Strings and Cables” for Violin and Electronics.
In 2009 he won the First Prize at the Concurso Internacional de Jovens Compositores da Cidade de Portimão in Ensemble category with his work “Quasi una Maré” which was premiered in December of that same year.

Since December 2009 he premiered several works, such as “Sopro da Alma” (solo flute), ”Rasgo de Melodia” (Piano Quartet), “Quasi un Loop” (Ensemble), “Quasi una Maré” (Ensemble), “Retorno” (Orchestra), “O Caminho para Casa” (Mezzo-Soprano, Clarinet and Piano) and “Os Números e os Bichos” (Children Choir).

In February 2010 he participated in the Gulbenkian Foundation Orchestra’s 8th Workshop for Young Composers where Retorno was conducted by Joana Carneiro in Culturgest, Lisbon.
In that same year he created “Retratos” – a concert cycle where the main purpose is the public presentation of young portuguese composers works – and participated at Festival Música Viva where he premiered “Sopro da Alma” – version with electronics.

He attended several workshops and masterclasses with Emmanuel Nunes, Marc-André Dalbavie, Peter Hamel and Ertugrul Sevsay.
His Composition teachers were João Madureira, Luis Tinoco and Carlos Marecos.

For now, he’s doing the Masters in Composition at Escola Superior de Música, where he’s being orientated by António Pinho Vargas.



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