João Alves / Abel Chaves

João Alves was born in Pousada de Saramagos, Famalicão. A bachelor of music (Lisbon College of Music, LCM), he furthered his skills as hornist with Javier Bonet in Madrid. In 1998, he was nominated by LCM to represent Portugal in the Erasmus Brass Ensemble. João Alves has been a French horn player in a number of Portuguese orchestras in many countries, such as Spain, France, Britain, The Czeck Republic and Brazil. As soloist, João Alves performed masterpieces by Vivaldi, Telemann, Mozart, Cherubini, Schumann, and F. Strauss. He is a coach at Conservatório de Torres Novas “Choral Phydellius”, and Conservatório Nossa Senhora do Cabo, in Linda-a-Velha. A resident player of the Police Symphonic Band, he formed a second attachment to flute player Ana Carina Sousa, his wife, and founded the music chamber group “Memória” together. João Alves composed many pieces featuring the horn, many of which dedicated to Portuguese composers, such as Sérgio Azevedo, Abel Chaves, and Fonseca e Costa. Ava Editions published many of his works for the Horn. 


Abel Chaves was born in Ponta Delgada, in the Azores. At the age of seventeen, he successfully concluded his carillon course at the Royal School of Carillon “Jef Denijn”, in Belgium. Prize winner of the 1990 Triennial Carillon Contest in Malines, under the auspices of Her Majesty Queen Fabiola, he then studied organ with Simões da Hora, and concluded his piano studies at EPMA with coaches Ana Tomasik and Luís Pinto. As carillonist, he held resident posts at the magnificent Mafra National Palace, Igreja dos Pastorinhos (Alverca) and Leiria Cathedral. Over a period of twelve years, he was composer and accompanist at the Lisbon College of Dance. Abel Chaves is a founder and the principal of the Independent F. C. Torrense School of the Arts. As a pianist, he is a member member of the Police Symphonic Band, as well as Choir conductor and Arts Director for the House of the Portuguese Republic Presidency.      


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