Alexandre Delgado (1965)

Alexandre Delgado (Lisbon, 1965).
 Studied at the Fundação Musical dos Amigos das Crianças, in Lisbon.
In composition he was a private pupil of Joly Braga Santos (1924-1988) and studied in France in the class of Jacques Charpentier, graduating with the 1st Award of the Nice Conservatoire in 1990.

His production includes specially chamber music (String Quartet, Burlesca, Langará, The Panic Flirt), concertos (Flute Concerto, Viola Concerto) and vocal and dramatic music (Turbilhão, Poema de Deus e do Diabo, O Doido e a Morte). His chamber opera O Doido e a Morte (Death and the Madman, 1993) was premiered in Lisbon at the Teatro Nacional de São Carlos and in Berlim at the Theater Am Halleschen Ufer, under his direction. His works have been chosen for some of the World Music Days and he received several comissions from international music festivals.

As a viola player, he won the Jovens Músicos Award  in 1987, premiered as a soloist his Viola Concerto in Portugal, Spain and Holland and is a member of the Quarteto Lacerda and of the Moscow Piano Quartet.

Artistic Director of the Alcobaça Music Festival since 2002, he is author of the program A Propósito da Música, broadcasted since 1996 by  the national radio (Antena 2). He is regularly invited
 as a conferencist and concerts comentator by the main musical institutions of Portugal and his books The Symphony in Portugal and A Culpa é do Maestro (Crítica Musical 1990/2000) were published by Caminho. He organized in 2005 the Festival Luís de Freitas Branco and he was editor and co-author of the book Luís de Freitas Branco, relayed in May 2007 by the same publisher.

This composer has 20 works on AvA:

Orchestra (5)

Chamber Music (6)

Woodwinds (4)

Brass (2)

Strings (7)

Voice (2)

Opera (1)

Piano (4)