João Madureira (1971 - )

João Madureira was born in Lisbon in 1971.


His production includes orchestral music, chamber music, operatic music and music for solo instruments, and also film and theatre music. His works have been presented in several international festivals throughout Europe, in Asia and South America, by several ensembles such as the Ensemble Neue Musik, the Orchestrutopica, the Remix Ensemble, the Gulbenkian Orchestra, the National Ukranian Symphonic Orchestra, the Contemporary Music Group of Lisbon, the Ensemble L'Itinéraire, the Soun'Ar-te Electric Ensemble, the Portuguese Symphonic Orchestra, Sete Lágrimas, the Officium Ensemble and the Lisbon Metropolitan Orchestra.


His work has been commissioned by Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Culturgest, Expo98, Centro Cultural de Belém, IPPAR (Portuguese Institute of the Architectonic Patrimony), Casa da Música, Teatro da Cornucópia, Teatro Nacional de São João, the Presidency of the Portuguese Republic, Teatro Nacional D. Maria II, Miso Music Portugal, the International Music Festival in Estoril, the Lisbon Contemporary Music Group, Arte das Musas and the Department of the Historical and Artistical Patrimony of the Diocese in Beja, Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa, and the Fátima Sanctuary.


In October 1998 João Madureira was awarded the ACARTE / Maria Madalena Azeredo Perdigão Prize from the Gulbenkian Foundation.


His work is recorded on labels like La Ma de Guido (Barcelona, Espanha, 2000 and 2012 LMG 2042 and LMG 2115), Deux-Elles (UK, in 2003 DXL 1087), Arte das Musas (Portugal, in 2008 and 2010 – MU 0106 Silêncio and MU 0108 Vento), and Numérica (Portugal, in 2012 – BOM 1002).


After doing his composition studies in Portugal, João Madureira studied in Italy, Germany and France, with Franco Donatoni, York Höller and Ivan Fedele. He is currently writing his doctoral dissertation in Historical Musicology at the Universidade Nova in Lisboa, focused on the operatic music of Luciano Berio. Madureira teaches Composition at the Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa (Lisbon Music Highschool).


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