Leonel Duarte Ferreira

Leonel Duarte Ferreira, was born in Almada on April 13, 1894. (1894 - 1959)

Son of João Vivente Ferreira and Clara Mafalda Queirós Ferreira. He began his musical studies at the age of 9, at Academia Almadense, and his first teachers were Jose António Nunes and José Lourenço, this conductor of the Band of the collectivity and musician 1st class of the Army. Assigned for the first time at ten years of age, on November 1, 1904, in the procession of Nossa Senhora do Bom Sucesso, in Cacilhas.

As a performer of the Academy Band, he played flute, flute, E-flat clarinet, saxophone clarinet and oboe.

As maestro, he took over the regency in 1914 and directed the first concert on the afternoon of April 3, Easter Sunday, in the Castle Garden of Almada. He was 20 years old.

In July 1917 he completed the course at the National Conservatory of Music, with 18 values.

Leonel Duarte Ferreira directed several regional bands, besides Academia Almadense, such as: Sociedade União Artística Piedense, Sociedade Imparcial 15 de Janeiro de 1898, Academia Musical União e Trabalho (Sarilhos Grandes), ociedade Filarmónica Capricho Moitense, Clube Ferroviário de Portugal, Sociedade Filarmónica Fraternidade de Carnaxide, Sociedade Filarmónica de Alcochete, Banda dos Bombeiros Voluntários da Lourinhã. 

The singular orchestra of female saxophones was his creation, the septimino, unique in the Iberian Peninsula, presented, later, to the microphones of the National Broadcaster, in 1942.

Among others, some of his creations are the following musical pieces: IIgnota Almada, Hino do Concelho de Almada, Almadense, Conimbricence, Desfile de Académicos, União Piedense, Hino dos Bombeiros de Almada. 

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