Miguel de Oliveira Carvalho (1969 - )

Miguel Clemente, do Carmo de Oliveira Carvalho was born in Porto on September 29th, 1969. He attends music classes in May 1985 at the closed Music Community Band of Ramalde, Porto.

In September 1987 he starts his degree in Mathematics at the Faculty of Sciences, University of Porto. He takes part as an Erasmus student from February to July 1992. He completes his degree on Applied Mathematics in June 1993.

He decides to be a part- time Maths teacher to pay his studies as he always intended to. He usually says to his friends that Maths is a friendship and Music is a love, a passion.

In September 1994 he pursues his studies for Saxophone performance which he ends in July 1997. Later that same year, he starts another degree- Teaching Music, Theory and Music Formation (TFM) at the University of Aveiro. He ends it in 2002.

Besides teaching Mathematics, he also teaches Music Training and Group Classes.

In 2002 he decides to teach only Music Initiation, Music Training and Formation and Group Classes.


Nowadays he teaches at the music Conservatory of Terras de Santa Maria (previous Music Conservatory of Fornos) and he is a self-taught composer.

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Menino Jesus, docinho de mel

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