Claudio Ferreira (1979 - )

Cláudio Rafael Soares Ferreira


Born in October 1979, he was started his musical studies at the age of 8 in free teaching course in the piano class.

In 1995 he entered at the Calouste Gulbenkian music conservatory in Aveiro, where he studied saxophone with professors Fernando Valente and Carlos Firmino.

Since then, he has been a saxophonist in the ARMAB symphonic band, being the saxophone team leader from 2008 until now.

In 2009 he entered at the University of Aveiro in the Music course, at saxophone performance variant, where he studied with Professor Fernando Ramos.


He taught the discipline of Saxophone in schools: Academia de Música ARMAB, Academia de Música de Aguiar da Beira and Banda Club Pardilhoense.


He attended courses and master classes of wind orchestra conducting with the maestros Alberto Roque, Ernest Schell, Paulo Martins and Vassalo Lourenço.

He was conductor of the Wind Orchestra“Academia de Musica ARMAB” until 2012.

Since 2012 he is conductor assistant of the ARMAB Symphonic Band and teaches saxophone and saxophone ensemble class at the band's academy.


He is a founding member of “SAXa4 - Quarteto de Saxofones.

At the same time, he works as arranger in many styles and formations and as composer, mainly for chamber music formations.



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