Marcos Portugal (1762-1830)

Marcos António da Fonseca Portugal (1762-1830) studied in Lisbon and improved his knowledge in Italy; he can be considered the most renowned Portuguese musician; from all he received the greatest recognition during his lifetime, though nowadays he is not considered Portugal’s greatest composer. He wrote a high number of operas, successfully performed and presented at the best European stages, but that are nowadays completely forgotten. He was the most fertile of all the Portuguese opera’s composers. His works were known almost all over the world, starting in Italy, and then being performed in all great Theatres, they were even staged in Moscow, which is surprising considering they are now totally ignored; attracted by the glow in the Portuguese court, he migrated to Brazil where he continued his work until his death. It can be said that  his work’s oblivion anticipated his passing away.


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Missa a 4 Vozes e 4 Orgãos

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Sinfonia dell'Opera della Zulima

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