José Palomino (1755-1810)

Spanish violinist and composer who lived in Lisbon for a few years, was born in Madrid in the year of 1755, son of another musician, Marianno Palomino, a native of Zaragoza.


He was very new and he already occupied the place of first violin in the orchestra of the Royal Chapel of Madrid when he accepted the same place at the court of Lisbon. He joined our Brotherhood of Santa Cecilia in March 21, 1774, and therefore approximate date of his coming to Portugal. Afterward, his younger brother also came, Peter Paul,  and his son-in-law, cellist Manuel Nuñez, and other Francisco Marianno Palomino; all these names are in the book entries of the brotherhood of Santa Cecilia.


José Palomino enjoyed of much consideration here, and was master of some of our violinists, among them, first of all in his time, Inácio de Freitas.

During his stay among us, has produced many other works in all genres.


José Palomino left Lisbon in 1808 when King John VI and the court left to Brazil. He accepted the post of Kapellmeister in Las Palmas, where he was also highly esteemed and where he died on April 9, 1810.



In Biographical Dictionary of Musicians Portuguese, 1900, Ernesto Vieira

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