Joaquim Casimiro Júnior (1808-1862)

Joaquim Casimiro (1808-1862) He had his first music lessons at the Sé de Lisboa. He began his professional life as a singer, and managed to make a career as a pianist and organist, first by studying on his own, and later with the support of D. João VI. He also composed, first some religious works like the matins of Santa Luzia, and Reis, a mass and a credo for voice and orchestra. He would later compose comedies, dramas, mágicas operettas, and farse for the theatres of Salitre, in Rua dos Condes, of Ginásio, of  D. Maria and for the Variety Theatre.

“Mágica” is a brasilian opera genre from the 19th century, forgotten by the brasilian music history specialized literature, maybe for  being considered a more popular genre. 


This composer has 6 works on AvA:

Avé Maria

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Sonata a 4 mãos

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Sonata for Cello and pianoforte

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