José Lourenço (1954)

José Lourenço was born in 1954 at Monte do Estoril, Portugal. Self-taught, he began his musical studies in 1969, and in 1972 enrolled at the National Conservatory of Lisbon, where he completed the program in flute in 1986.

His professors of flute included Luís Boulton and Ricardo Ramalho. He studied piano with Adriano Jordão and António Meneres Barbosa; harpsichord with Maria Malafaia and Cremilde Rosado Fernandes; and percussion with Júlio Campos. He received instruction in Musical Formation from Ana Domingues; and in Interpretation of Ancient Music from Macário Santiago Kastner.

His composition teachers included Artur Santos, Constança Capdeville and Christopher Bochmann. He attended various specialized courses both in Hungary, and at the International Courses of Ancient Music at Casa de Mateus, in Vila Real, Portugal.

In 1970-71, José Lourenço was an instrumentalist with several groups of Brazilian music, Rock, Jazz and Free Jazz, performing with musicians like Pedro Wallenstein, Pedro Luís, Jean Sarbib, André Sarbib, Guilherme Scarpa Inês, Zé Nabo, Fernando Girão, among others. He also participated in several studio recordings at this time.

From 1978, he has been active in the domain of classical music, performing in numerous concerts as both a soloist and chamber musician, even directing several ensembles. As an instrumentalist, he has collaborated with the Gulbenkian Orchestra.

He taught the Flute class of the Portuguese Musical Youth from 1984-86, and the Flute and Recorder classes at the Conservatory of Music of Coimbra from 1987-1992. One of his students from Coimbra received 3rd Prize in Flute in the Portuguese Musical Youth’s Competition for Young Musicians at the Theater of St. Luiz.  Also in Coimbra, he collaborated with the Minerva Project in the domain of Computers and Music.  He taught summer courses at Tomar in 1988-89.

From 1979 to 1986 he was a professor of Musical Education of (what was at that time) the Preparatory Cycle, where the students concluded their work with several public concerts.
From 1978 to 1981 José Lourenço collaborated with Helena Lamas Pimentel and AntónioWagner Diniz in the Portuguese Musical Youth, in a program that joined Musical Animation with the Primary Schools and the 1st Cycle.

In 1978, he participated in a musical copying course administered by José Mocito. Since then, he has worked in musical publishing with various institutions, such as:  the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, the National Theater of St. Carlos, Edições Asa, Editorial Figueirinhas, and the Museum of Portuguese Music (in the Edition of the works of Fernando Lopes-Graça).

In 1980-81, under the orientation of Macário Santiago Kastner, José Lourenço was a collaborator of the Portuguese Institute of Cultural Heritage as a technician for the preservation of wooden instruments from the National Collection of Instruments of the National Conservatory of Lisbon (currently in the Museum of Music).  In the sequence of this work, he realized a concert of Baroque Music on original instruments and copies of originals, along with Fernando Quaresma, Luis Sá Pessoa and Rui Vieira Nery at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. In this concert, he performed on one of the collection’s flutes.

As a composer, he has collaborated with  “Joana, Grupo de Teatro” and Portuguese Radio and Television.  In 1986, his first work was premiered by the Portuguese Ensemble of Clarinets at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation’s Center of Modern Art.

He has also made transcriptions for various chamber configurations, including: the Portuguese Ensemble of Clarinets, the Clarinet Quartet of Lisbon, the Lopes-Graça Quartet, etc.

Currently, José Lourenço dedicates his time to the investigation and promotion of Portuguese Music, as one of the three founders of AvA Musical Editions.

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