Joaquim Pavão

Remarks for a curriculum            

I am recalcitrant. I do not really know why. At first I could argue that I did not do anything worth mentioning. Later with time, facts and events pile up. Primordial matter for the building of a text that in some way allows a formal presentation. Chronologically, it builds a pathway, through its  relevance it builds a discourse and yet it seems to be void of meaning.  

In a talk during dinner, I attentively heard : -“I would like to receive music sheets with just the notes, no indications”. Wise sentence here translated, highlighted from its context, without copy right. Thus, I am just what I do, without omission. Perhaps it will make more sense to only place what I’d like to do. Vital information. For what more can I be, what more can I expose, than a simple succession of wishes.            

I would like to never stop writing, playing. I would like to die at an advanced age, enjoying  good health while breathing. Just that... 

Joaquim Pavão, 2008

This composer has 2 works on AvA:

A Sesta

Ref. ava080239

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Animais Nocturnos

Ref. ava090342

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