José Mesquita Lopes

Was born on 25th December 1960. After has attended the Architecture Course at the beginnig of the 80’s, he decided to follow a musical carreer.

He studied guitar at the Academia de Amadores de Música de Lisboa, where he finished his Degree (10th level) in 1987 with distinction in the class of the Professor Paulo Valente pereira. Later, in 1991, he had particular lessons with the teacher Christopher Lyall (1991). Between 1984 – 1986, Mr. Mesquita held a scholarship in the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. He attended several international courses, such as the Costa do Estoril with Alberto ponce (1980 – 90), Alcoy (Spain) with José Luís Gonzalez (1986) and S. Tirso with Leo Brouwer, Abel Carlevaro and Roland Dyens. He has also studied with Alírio Diaz and Piñero Nagy.

Later, in 2000 he finished his Guitar Specialization in Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa with the teacher Dirk de Hertogh. Besides this, Mr. Mesquita began, in this same year, to cooperate as a trainees’ teacher to those who would become teachers for this instrument.

He studied composition with Christopher Bochmann, Constança Capdville, Emanuel Nunes, Cãndido Lima and leo Brouwer, amog others. In 1994, he finished his Composition Course baccalaureate in the High School of Music. In 2003, Mr. Mesquita finished his Composition Degree in this same school, where he obtained the classification of 20 values in his Final Project Course – Reflections on the Analysis Significance of the Musical Interpretation.

At present, he is preparing his Master’s Degree at Aveiro’s College ( as a FCT scholarship holder) and whose thesis is mastered by the Professor Paulo Vaz de Carvalho and Christopher Bochmann on the theme “José Mesquita Lopes’ Work Analysis for Guitar in the Last 25 years in Portugal (1983 – 2008), in the Analogy Perspective between the Analysis and Musical Interpretation”.

He attended and participated in courses/summits done by Leo Brouwer (94,98 and 2001), Karlheinz Stockhausen, Elliot Carter, Reginald Smith-Brindle and Claude Henry Joubert.N several composition contests, such as the 1st prize and an honourable mention in the JMP’ Contest (Luso/Spanish/1986), whose work “ Three Poems from Mário Dionísio” for singing and guitar, was edited by the Portuguese Musical Youth in cooperation with SEC – Direcção Regional do Norte; the ACAV Prize – Aveiro (1987); Luís de Freitas Branco Prize – Portuguese Council of Music (1991); Joly Braga santos’ Prize – Lisbon’s City Council /1995) and the first Prize in the 1st  Portuguese/Spanish Composition Contest for Guitar “City of Badajoz” (2006). This prize included the CD’s recording of his work “Estudo Con Sequenza” performed by the guitar player Ricardo Gallen and score edition.

Mr. Mesquita has works adressed to soloists instruments, vocal chamber music, instrumental, orchestral, concertante (Concert for Guitar and Orchestra) and electro-acoustics, and having some of these pieces been already played and recorded by some recognized solo performers and Ensembles.At the moment, he is editing the majority of his works in AVA Musical Editions.

His name is included in the “Dictionary” “Approach to the Portuguese Music History” made by Jesus Ignácio Pérez Perazzo (1997). Caracas: R.J.Libros.Mr. Mesquita has collaborated with the magazines Arte Musical, Guitarreando and Sapiens Magazine.In 1998 he was given a prize in the Guitar Contest of JMP – superior level.

He has performed several recordings to RDP2 and RFF, both as a solo and in several chamber formations, and he has also recorded to RTP1, RTP2, SIC and TVI.He has played a solo, with orchestra as well as in several chamber music formations in the most important festivals (Gulbenkian, Costa do Estoril, Lisbon, Leiria, Faro, Santo Tirso, S. Roque, International Training of Orchestra form Leiria/Fátima Region, etc). From these ones, it is important to emphasize the concerts wich included the duo José Mesquita – Paulo Amorim, the Musicus Ensemble and the Trio de Guitarras de Lisboa. With this group, he recorded a CD in 1997 containing original works from the 20th Century for three guitars (Numérica – 1049). This work received excellent critiques from the specialized critics, such as the Guitar Player, Les Cahiers dela Guitare, Royal Classics, A Capital, Arte Musical, etc.

He has also recorded some of his own solo pieces in a collectanea entitled Cesário Verde in the Portuguese Contemporary Music ( Duplisom C 241-1990). At the moment he is recording a CD including chamber works from the 20th and 21st Centuries for guitar and some other instruments, in Trio, in Quartet, in Quintet and Sextet, with the Instrumental ensemble of Leiria’s Orpharion and to be edited by the Leiria’s Orpharion itself. Mr. Mesquita has inaugurated works made by foreign and Portuguese Composers.

He is a member of the Trio Músuca Viva (flute,viola and guitar), a group composed by João Pedro Fonseca and Sandra Martins and with whom he has recently performed in Portugal and Spain. In October 2004, Mr. Mesquita participed as a Concertine in the 1st Guitar Orchestra constituted in a national level and directed by Mr. Bochmann, and whose programme included one of his works for guitar Ensemble.

Since then, he has taught together with Tomás Camacho – teacher of the Vigo’s Superior Conservatory, and Margarita Escarpa, GuitarMaster Classes and Chamber Music and also Directed Summits in the International Training of Orchestra in Leiria-Fátima Region. Besides this Training, he has made conferences in the Guitar International Festival of Aveiro, in the Guitar Courses of Leiria’s Orpharion, in the A.A.M. de Lisboa and also in Odivelas’ Conservatory D. Dinis on the following themes: the problem of the modern written for guitar, presentation and analysis of the Portuguese modern music for guitar or musicians and Brazilian music.

Mr. Mesquita has been a jury member in some national guitar contests.In 2006, he was invited to direct the 1st Guitar Orchestras Training of Tomar (Canto Fieme School).At present, he is working all over the country, by directing the guitar ensembles from the Leiria’s Orpharion (with wich he obtained two first prizes in the contest “ The Best Orpharion Students”, and he has already recorded two CDs – “The Orpharion in its Best” where it is included a work made by himself – “The Professor”for quartet or guitar ensemble; Odivela’ CMDD and the Pro Guitar Ensemble.He taught guitar and chamber music in the Music School of Leal da Câmara in Rinchoa; in the Regional Conservatory of Coimbra and also in the Music School Nª Sra do Cabo in Linda-a Velha.

Now, he teaches guitar and chamber music in  the Conservatory D. Dinis – Odivelas, where he is member of the Education Council, in the Arts Conservatory of Leiria’s Orpharion and guitar in the Lisbon’s Amateurs Academy of Music.

This composer has 13 works on AvA:

Chamber Music (2)

Woodwinds (3)

Strings (1)

Piano (1)

Guitar (9)