Jean-François Lézé (1971)

Jean-François Lézé, born in France in 1971.

Studied percussions and piano at the Conservatoire National Superieur de Musique de Lyon with François Dupin ( Orchestre de Paris ), Georges Van Gught (Founder of Percussions de Strasbourg ) and Roger Muraro.

Currently he is the leader of Orquestra Nacional do Porto, improvisation and percussion teacher at the EPMVC and department coordinator of musical education at the Academia de Música de Viana do Castelo.

Jean-François is the main representer of the L'école française de la Timbale in Portugal and his intense pedagogical activity (Academia nacional superior de orquestra e Escola Superior de Música das Artes e Espectáculo) allowed a "new generation" of portuguese percussionists, now members of the main portuguese

orchestras: Gulbenkian, ONP, OSP, Orquestra Clássica da Madeira and Orquestra do Algarve.

He has played solo with Orquestra Metropolitana de Lisboa, Orquestra Classica da Madeira and Orquestra nacional do Porto.

His chamber music projects include concerts with Artur Pizarro, Katia and Marie Labéque, Natalia Gutman, Yuri Bashmet, Augustin Dumay, Bernardo Sassetti and Mario Laginha.

His compositions are edited by AVA ( Portugal ) BIM (Suiça ) and Dhalmann (França) and performed in several countries through Europe, USA and Japan.

This composer has 16 works on AvA:

Orchestra (4)

Chamber Music (3)

Woodwinds (4)

Strings (4)

Percussion (8)

Piano (2)