Fernando E. Clemente Pêra - Lisbon, 1962.
Fernando Pêra attended the Arts and Humanities course of the Faculty of Arts of Lisbon, has a Design course and the Arts Management training of the Foundation of Discoveries / Ministry of Culture.
He began his career as a producer in 1981, with the following activities: Agent and manager of the "Madredeus" group, associate producer of the "Festas de Lisboa", author, production director and executive producer of television programs for "RTP" 2 and " SIC Notícias ". Head and responsible for the pre-production of the "Praça Sony" of EXPO'98; Associate producer of the opening party of EXPO'98 / Caminho do Oriente. Coordinator of the programming of the celebrations of 500 years of Brazil of the "National Commission for Portuguese Discoveries", production director of the "Lisbon Metropolitan Orchestra", production director of the "D. Maria II National Theater" ; Coordinator of the artistic residencies at "Fábrica da Pólvora" and manager and producer of the" Olga Roriz Company ".
Most recently, he was president of the association "Acceso Cultura", coordinator of projects of the International Institute of Casa de Mateus and jury of the annual and biannual supports of Theater, Dance and Pluridisciplinaries of DGArtes / Ministry of Culture (2015/16).

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