The Circus trapezium number, op. 73

António Victorino D' Almeida (1940)

Ref. ava080184

The Circus trapezium number, op. 73

(piccolo and tuba) 

There is almost in every circus a team that always impressed me greatly. Some may not notice them, but it is formed by the trapezist woman, hanging up there, and a man (usually her husband) whose attention and anxious care follow her movements and could turn himself into a security net, just to help her out in some fall, (and so often it had happened…).

To symbolize this team systematically separated by such a great distance, but straighted by ties of fidelity, I have chosen the piccolo – the instrument of the highest sonority - and the tuba, so discrete and loyal defensor of the lowest sounds of the orquestra…



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