This work will be available soon.

Trio op.77

(piano, clarinet and cello) 

I can’t say much about this one piece, but it was commissioned by the trio formed in another time by Olga Prats, Irene Lima and António Saiote. It is another case of freedom of choice - when it comes to musical language, but I also feel like having the right to change as often as I like during the same piece - though I look for keeping the unity and aesthetic coherency in such cases.In fact, it is not a matter of changing style, but technique, which is a very different thing… In a whole, the works presented in those 3 cds, as well as the trio, I believe my own style will emerge, made by many techniques…In this Trio one can find a direct allusion to a composer I profoundly admire – and that happens especially through the plurality of melodical passages characterizing some parts of a tonal suggestion – named Charles Yves, maybe one of the composers from the 20th century with more sense of freedom of expression.