D.João e a Máscara op.80

António Victorino D' Almeida (1940)

Ref. JA08

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D.João e a Máscara op.80

Don Juan and the Mask, op. 80    

(flute and acoustic guitar)

 This work was originally made for the homonymous play of António Patricio. In his play, Don Juan is not the big insatiable women’s conqueror; it is the other way round – tormented by innumerous anguishes and frustrations; and his surrender to an almost permanent erotism is just a mask, after all, trying to wrap his inability of developing an authentical relationship with any woman.Actually, he constantly changes his partner because he just can not bind himself to any of them, or even to make them truly tied up to him…Throughout the years, I tried to express myself musically by the means of this instrument of admirable sonority – the guitar. But I have always faced the difficulty of dominating its technical problems - never cleared in the treatises of instrumentation or orquestration.I even thought it would be necessary to learn how to play it myself – an idea that turned to my eyes somewhat untruthful, for it’s no use to learn how to play an instrument to write a piece for it, when you play it so lousily…Well, I guess I can say I finally learned how to do it after listening to a very good deal of bossa nova… Then, I understood what could work out for a guitar and what would not at all.Besides, Júlio Guerreiro is a wonderful musician, who helped me see that, the things I thought to be impracticable, just needed an excellent guitar player and a lot of work, naturally…