Gonçalo Gato (1979 - )

Ref. ava141100


Programme Notes:

Shapes is a piece for string quartet dealing with the idea of sound shape. The various elements of music such as harmony, meter, tempo, rhythm and texture work as spaces (or conceptual canvas) on which forms develop. These forms can be, for instance, the melodic contour or the superposition of pulses that gradually sync with each other. The role of musical memory is also paramount as it constitutes one of the main resources for the composer to build coherence.

Premiered on the 20th of November of 2012 at The Forge, Camden, London, by the Ligeti Quartet.

Execution Notes:

- Accidentals (inlcuding quarter-tones) last for one bar and apply only to the octave in which they occur.

- Rests outside staves indicate prolongation time of glissandi.