Violeta and piano sonata, op. 94

António Victorino D' Almeida (1940)

Ref. ava070007

Violeta and piano sonata, op. 94

1 - Moderato non Troppo - Allegretto - Allegro Vivo

2 - Andante non Troppo

3 - “Slow Fox” - Allegro Molto 

This sonata is dedicated to Ana Bela Chaves and Olga Prats, and it was inspirited by a novel (latter a theater play) from Simone de Beauvoir,  “La Femme Rompue”.Apart a non existence of description in my music, only indirectly guessed, the four movements have an implicit allusion to the dramatic and desperate situation of a lonely woman, consuming herself on the illusion that some day she would recover her past and succeed…Was it truly a good one? Or was this obstinate felling just some kind of a dream, a mirage of an inexistent time – resembling just the almost absurd air brought by the unexpected Slow Fox from the third movement?Once again, there’s in this sonata a reason for I change brusquely the aesthetic language, and musical technique in such a work. Life is too full of changes, contrasts or even inconsistencies to describe it or interpretate it in only one way, in tonal, atonal, polytonal, whatever…

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