Fado Burnay

Eduardo Burnay

Ref. ava151392

Fado Burnay

Arragement: Marina Pikoul

Edited by: Jed Barahal / Bruno Cardoso


Fado Burnay by

Eduardo Burnay

(Lisbon 1877 – Paris 1926)


Commission by Madalena de Sá e Costa

"This beautiful work, popularized under the name of “Fado Burnay”, was a staple of the repertoire of many well-known pianists. It was recently heard in a performance by Armando Vidal at the concerts series "Composers who were members of the Literary Guild", organized by this important cultural association.

Orchestrated by Maestro Pedro Blanch, the “Fado Burnay” could also be heard in Sunday concerts at the Teatro S. Luiz, performed by the Portuguese Symphony Orchestra, of which Blanch was head conductor from 1911 until the group’s demise in 1928.”

in Ivo Cruz, Musical Renaissance, 2003




For many years I have thought of offering a contribution to the Portuguese repertoire for cello, the instrument that has been my companion for life.

In selecting the works of different composers, I often considered doing the transcriptions myself. Finally, in 2014, I decided that the time had come.

That is when I chose the “Fado Burnay”, originally for piano solo, published by my dear late friend Manuel Ivo Cruz, in one of the superb editions of Renascimento Musical he offered me.

Accordingly, I commissioned the highly-regarded composer Marina Pikoul to provide a transcription for two cellos of the original work, and with the valuable help of two good friends, cellists Jed Barahal and Bruno Cardoso, we worked in editing the score.

I am pleased to be able to remember in this way Manuel Ivo Cruz’s significant work in gathering and disseminating our musical heritage in a noteworthy and appropriately catalogued collection, now available for consultation at the Catholic University of Porto.

How interesting it was to be able to listen, thanks to these two colleagues, after a lively exchange of views and beautiful sounds, to the final version!

I extend my many thanks to their efforts in the midst of so many occupations!

Setembro de 2015

Madalena Moreira de Sá e Costa