Inquietação na Pandeireta op.122

António Victorino D' Almeida (1940)

This work will be available soon.

Inquietação na Pandeireta op.122

Uneasiness on the Tambourine, op. 122    

(marimba, piano, harp and tambourine) 

It is a very humoristic piece that I idealize to be played by 3 ladies – Elizabeth Davis (marimba), Carla Seixas (piano) and Carmen Cardeal (harp) – a musical language marked by a certain feminine delicacy, as well as some romantic feeling also connected with women. Those three feminine interpreters are constantly bothered by a gentleman, Carlos Almeida, exhibiting a strange and absurd uneasiness through its tambourine…This piece obviously doesn’t have to be interpretated necessarily by three women and one man, but it must express a real contrast between a romantic and delicate femininity and an abusive intromission of a masculine element suspiciously unquiet…