Bass Clarinet Ligature CRYO4 Gold

Silverstein Silverstein

Ref. LQ11B

Bass Clarinet Ligature CRYO4 Gold

The Silverstein Works commitment to bringing technology to the modern artist introduces the Silverstein CRYO4 Gold Ligature. 

The cryogenic treatment process, which plunges the metal parts of the ligature to a chilling -300 degrees Fahrenheit, greatly improves the characteristics of the ligature by changing the crystal structure of the metal itself. 

The cryogenic process allows the metal to become a more refined, homogeneous solid. This has a profound effect on the sound waves that travel through it: sound waves travel much faster and without loss, resulting in a fuller, more natural sound with improved resonance. 
The additional pair of Fine Tuners on the CRYO4 Gold Ligature maximizes the effects of the Cryogenic process to bring out more refinement and control. 

CRYO4 Gold Ligature also features the Dotted Cord found in the ORIGINAL Silverstein Ligature.


  • Cryogenically Made
  • The 2nd Evolution: The Dotted Cord
  • Even More Harmonic Partials
  • Enhanced Fine Tuners
  • New Tension Adjustment Nut
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • New Bridge Pad

Ligature comes with:

  • Cap
  • User manual with warranty registration card


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