Clotilde Rosa (1930 - 2017 )

Ref. ava161595

Clarinet in Bb Solo
"Divertimento" for clarinet solo was composed in 1987 and dedicated to António Saiote at the time also a GMCL member.
In this piece, I expressed myself in a universe of total halftones, a pentatonic language and used compositional serial dodecaphonic processes.
The works start from various materials, melodic markedly and some other rhythmics, proliferating the material through an interpolation motival game.
I also tried to explore, on the other hand, virtuosic resources and the various thymic possibilities, namely multiphonics, from these, to acquire a structural importance. The notation is free, without compass, both proportional as a graphic, a necessary reflection of the speech.
The writing of the multiphonics was revised in 2008 by Nuno Pinto.