Pedro Faria Gomes (1979 - )

Ref. ava080231

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Cello and orchestra

LUIZ COSTA  |  score completed and orchestrated by PEDRO FARIA GOMES


I wrote the score of Poema, for cello and orchestra, based on a manuscript for cello and piano by Luiz Costa where he drafted this work, although he never got to finish it. Various important elements were missing from the original manuscript (for instance aspects of dynamics, articulation, sometimes tempo and harmony). By invitation of Professor Madalena Sá e Costa, I was faced with the challenge of (re)constituting the piece, by interpreting the ideas which the manuscript presented and giving them an orchestral sound which was originally envisaged.


I chose the instrumentation based on a few annotations on Luiz Costa’s score (there are passages marked with ‘arco’, ‘pizz.’, ‘harp’, ‘flute’, etc.), as well as on the stylistic affinity with other composers from the first half of the twentieth century who often used this orchestration – double woodwinds and horns, percussion, harp and strings.


The piece is in sonata form (slightly obscured by character shifts and tempo changes), with an extended coda, but it also functions as a compact concerto, in one movement, for cello. The final section includes a cadenza for the soloist which was not in Luiz Costa’s manuscript, but its existence was suggested non-explicitly.


I completed and orchestrated the score following this principle: trying to find and to translate the original idea as closely as possible, although the process was not always straightforward. It involved using new material, sometimes developing various elements, but ultimately with the purpose of getting close to the spirit of the work and doing justice to the original manuscript.




May 2008