'Yatta' Yarimasita for Tuba & Piano

Telmo Marques (1963 - )

Ref. ava171714

'Yatta' Yarimasita for Tuba & Piano

Sonata in four movements:

I. Invitation

II. Preparing the Journey

III. Staying There

IV. Returning Home


Finally the old dream to visit Nihon became a truly certainty! So, Imagination starts boiling from the very first moment and takes control over Future Experience providing a predictive interpretation ofsomething that has not happened yet - like PreCogs in Philip K. Dick'sconcept. The 

music is a descriptive anticipation of a journey to the Landof the Rising Sun, starting the very moment, someone received theconfirmation, until his homecoming on the other side of the globe: Portugal, land of Fado and its longing sentiment of resignation, fatefulness and melancholia.



Telmo Marques 2012