Pequena Suite Laurissilva

Alexandre Delgado (1965)

Ref. ava080197

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Pequena Suite Laurissilva

This piece was written in April 2001 for the Youth Orchestra of the «Fundação Musical dos Amigos das Crianças» (Lisbon). It was included in a CD celebrating UNESCO’s classification of the «Laurissilva» Forest on Madeira Island as World Heritage, as it is a living relic of the tertiary period. Each movement is associated with an aspect of the island: the «levada», fascinating water-courses that flow through it; the forest, inhabited by gnomes like all forests; and the «trocaz» pigeon, another of its inhabitants.
The first version, for orchestra, does not make big technical demands and often has recourse to open strings and to the first position, whilst at the same time exploring timbrical possibilities such as pizzicato, sul ponticello and harmonics. The version for string quartet condenses into four voices an orchestral texture that unfolds in multiple divisi. That version was premiered by the Lacerda Quartet at the Mafra Festival in October 2001.

There were 1 recent performances of this work:

ORQUESTRA FILARMONIA DAS BEIRAS, directed by António Vassalo Lourenço
20-02-2015 · 21:30 | Fundação Cupertino Miranda