The mouth

António Chagas Rosa (1960 - )

Ref. ava181761

The mouth

The mouth – the lips

The mouth:

the lips

the labyrinth of the teeth

that saliva seeks

in the vagina of the face

Maria Teresa Horta

in Educação Sentimental, 1975



This piece for solo  bassoon was commissioned by Casa da Música Porto as a part of a larger series of instrumental solos called Consequenze, which pays tribute to Luciano Berios’s Sequenze. This work, which contains remnants of West African polyrhythms, explores virtuosity by means of this instrument, and includes the bassoonist´s voice, which sings parts of the poem "A boca" by Maria Teresa Horta. The piece was premiered by Roberto Erculiani, bassoonist of the Remix Ensemble at the Strasbourg Musica Festival in 2006.


Existing recordings:

A boca: Roberto Erculiani, “Pas-de-Deux”, obras de António Chagas Rosa e Isabel Soveral (Works by António Chagas Rosa and Isabel Soveral), Portugaler, 2010