António Chagas Rosa (1960 - )

Ref. ava181762


The title Angkor derives from Angkor-Vat. I have never been in Cambodja but the stone decoration of the temples, in their endless choreographies and multiple dances are well known to me. This piece was conceived as a dance suite and is rather straight concerning the tempi. The last dance has a virtuoso character for both players and can eventually be played in concert separately, like an encore. The homophony of the words Angkor and encore contains the joke of the title… This piece was written in 1995 for the KammerensembleN of Stockholm for a series of concerts in Sweden and Holland the same year. Since then, Angkor has has been performed in several music festivals, from Caracas to Lisbon, Aveiro and Zurich.  




Existing recordings:


Angkor: Hugo Diogo (viola d’arco), Jonathan Ayest (piano), “Nova Música de Câmara Portuguesa” (New Portuguese Chamber Music), Numérica, 2004