Piano Sonata

António Chagas Rosa (1960 - )

Ref. ava181763

Piano Sonata

Amsterdam, 1988


This piece represents my first serious atempt in order to create “durchkomponierte musik”. The dialectical principle of the sonata form ignited thus various transformative thematic procedures. I prefer the expression „thematic entity“ to „theme“ as a designation for the A and B units that take part in these dialectic games. Whilst A has a predominantly harmonic character, B is a straightforward quotation of a mode-like melody. Between the alternate presentation of A and B and the final quasi-cadenza, where A and B actualy come to a fusion, several variational developements take place. These are based in the thematic substance of A and B, used as a whole or just partially. Regular cells of 16th notes usually mark the beginning of a new episode.



Existing recordings:

Piano Sonata: Nancy Lee Harper, “Estreia Mundial – Música Portuguesa para Piano”(World Première – Portuguese Piano Music), Numérica, 1999