Quatro Fantasmas

António Chagas Rosa (1960 - )

Ref. ava181764

Quatro Fantasmas

Commissioned by the 10th Viseu International Music Spring Festival

Commande du 10ème Festival International de Musique du Printemps de Viseu


The reminiscense of a Prelude by Marin Marais for his instrument (Basse de viole or viola da gamba) is the starting point for a series of “ghosts” of four old masters, which are more or less recognizable. These four pieces for the piano left hand have the character of free preludes and the composition, in its textures, strongly try to elude the missing right hand of the pianist…

Within these Four Ghosts, traditional gestures can be found, along with many other unconventional features. This dichotomy is extensive to the  harmonic structure of the pieces, where the use of consonance and dissonance illustrates unavoidable tensions between the spirit of improvisation and the care for well-defined sound objects.