Eine Kleine Streichmusik

Sérgio Azevedo (1968 - )

Ref. ava070120

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Eine Kleine Streichmusik


I.          Allegro molto alla Rustica

II.         Tempo di Minuetto

III.        Romanza, sognando

IV.        Prestissimo alla Polka 


Duração: 7'


Eine Kleine Streichmusik is not a parody of the famous divertimento by Mozart, although the playful spirit of many of the divertimentos by Mozart and symphonies by Haydn is present.  I wrote these four short pieces on the second and third of August 2005, in the middle of summer vacation, and some of the lightness of the “silly season” passed to the staves:  a rustic Allegro, a carefree Minuet, a slow and dream-like "Romanza," and a Polka in a tempo so fast that it nearly comes off the rails.  Despite this playfulness, the music of the 3rd movement is invaded by a certain sad nostalgia. 


© by Sérgio Azevedo 2005