Quatro Estrofes

Luis Cardoso (1972)

Ref. ava070114

Quatro Estrofes

FOUR STROPHES, for solo violoncello (2003) is composed of four movements that only fully make sense if presented as a group, as strophes of the same poem, as the title explains.The first movement is a work based on three cells and their development.  The second movement begins with a lyric section, followed by a second part that explores sonorities of natural harmonics.  The third movement, dedicated to the memory of Igor Stravinsky, attempts to invoke the environment of his ELEGY for viola solo.  The fourth movement is nothing more than a small coda, a concluding gesture.

 FOUR STROPHES was premiered in the Winter Garden of the Municipal Theatre of   S. Luiz, in Lisbon on February 18, 2004, by the violoncellist Nuno Abreu.

Duration 6'min


Listen to an excerpt:

 Nuno Abreu - Cello

I - Moderato

II - Animato

III - Cantabile

IV - Risoluto