As Quatro Portas do Céu

Eduardo Luís Patriarca (1970- )

Ref. ava080146

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As Quatro Portas do Céu

45' aprox

Coro e solistas
Flauta 1, 2 e 3
Clarinetes 1, 2
2 Triângulos
2 Caixas Chinesas
Blocos de 2 tons
Xilofone Soprano
Xilofone Alto
Xilofone Baixo
Metalofone Soprano
Metalofone Alto
Metalofone Tenor
Violino I
Violino II
Violino III

Children’s opera that tells the seasons of the year. With libretto from valter hugo mãe, based on the book with the same title by Rosa Lobato Faria.

All the opera is performed with children and young people, even the orchestral part is written for these ages.

There are four characters, each one representing a season and a door. The choir, as in greek style, represents the different elements, such as birds, clouds, stars or flowers.

The children must create also instruments for the opera with recyclable materials.Command by the city of Gondomar, had a partial premier in 2004, and the integral the year after at Vila do Conde.