La Nuit des Temps

Eduardo Luís Patriarca (1970- )

Ref. ava080147

This work will be available soon.

La Nuit des Temps

Writen for the duo Azurararte (João Tiago Magalhães, piano e Nuno Aroso, percussão) in 2006 and premiered at the same year in Viana do Castelo.

This work uses the same material of “Self” (piano and electronics, 2004). These materials are based upon a spectral analysis of a C sung in octave by a male choir. From here are taken the different materials, worked by fractal structures used at the formal, harmonic and rhythmic level.

The percussion are as follows, 3 singing bowls, 3 buddhists bells, marimba, 5 tuned gongs, tamtam and 5 temple-blocks.