Serenata for oboe, clarinet and bassoon

Sérgio Azevedo (1968 - )

Ref. ava070130

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Serenata for oboe, clarinet and bassoon

oboe, clarinet in Bb, Basson 



I. Alla Rustica     
II. Barcarola
III. Valsa
IV. Rimanço
Duration: 8' 


The Serenata (for wind trio) was written between October 20  and November 2, 2004.   As the title suggests, it is playful and uncomplicated music, where each movement has its own personality.  It is essentially a small suite in four movements that follows a model close to the sonata or classic instrumental sinfonia:  fast-slow-moderate, in a rapid ternary meter.  Some marks of Portuguese folklore are evident in the first and last movements.  The 1st and 2nd movements use an imaginary folk music, close to some melodic constructions associated with Alentejo; while the 4th movement employs a real Portuguese folk melody, (Rimance de D. Fernando), already used by Joly Braga Santos, in the 2nd movement of his Divertimento no. 1 for orchestra.