Cinco Canções Regionais Portuguesas

Sérgio Azevedo (1968 - )

Ref. ava080219

Cinco Canções Regionais Portuguesas

capella SATB choral

Cinco Canções Regionais Portuguesas
I.      Chamarrita 1'01''                        
II.     Tirana 1'22''
III.    Eu venho da macelada 1'32''
IV.     Tascadeiras do meu linho 1'12''
V.      Na haste do castanheiro 1'18''

I wrote these five arrangements of portuguese folk songs in 1997 for the Ricercare Choir, who premiered them and recorded a CD. These songs were my firsts atempts in choral writing, and since then I wrote several other arrangements, not only of portuguese folk songs, but also of folk songs from other countries. These pieces are not easy to sing, due to some composition technics which, in some places, make intonation dificult, places like those in the 4th song, with parallel minor  seconds echoing the dissonant motetsfrom Montpellier (ca. 1300), or the – almost – “heterophonic” canon which ends the 5th song.

Sérgio Azevedo


(Printed full score and separate parts) – has 12 separate parts