Dois solos para Clarinete em Sib

José Mesquita Lopes

Ref. ava080149

Dois solos para Clarinete em Sib

This work was composed for the Contest of the ACAV-Aveiro in 1987, where achieved an Honorable Mention. It is a composed free atonal work for two movements. 

The first one has a character more improvised and spoken where reign ornamentations of one or more notes elaborated about syllabic phrases. 

The second one alternate basically tremolos and trills with big ornamentations of expressive and cutting character, sometimes interpolated with evocative and calm phrases.  The second movement was dedicated to the flutist Maria Manuela Costa to whom, as to me, pleased the expressive interval of 3m.

The Two Solos were first performed by the clarinetist António Saiote, in the Theater S.Luís in Lisbon.