José Mesquita Lopes

Ref. ava080154


O PROFESSOR[1] (2005) – Quartet or Guitar Ensemble This quartet belongs to the very intuitive group of pieces, in which Glosa Sobre um tema de Teresa( 1997) was the first. Sometimes atonal, this modal work has a quicker form of writing, almost of an improvisatory character. A strong melodic component in stable metric areas alternates with rythmic, isorythmic and counterpoint-like areas in unstable metrical parts. It uses pentatonic scale derivatives and ostinatos intermitted with isorhythmic tessituras. This work, based on a text by José Jorge Letria, was written amongst others for the children ballet “O Que Eu Quero Ser”[2] to be performed by   TILT dance group, under Ana Manzoni’s direction.

Directed by the composer himself, the Ensemble Concertante de Guitarras (Orfeão de Leiria) recorded and premiered the recital.  

[1] The Teacher
[2] What I Wish /want to be