Auto do Menino Jesus

Sérgio Azevedo (1968 - )

Ref. ava080177

Auto do Menino Jesus

I wrote this simple and brief cantata practically at the same time as Natal do Menino and the Pastoral de Natal. The three constitute a little Christmas cycle. There is always great interest in pieces that can be performed by schools of music and by children at Christmastime, and the objective of these pieces of mine, together with several others that share a similar theme, is rooted in service to the community, which – I believe – the composer of today may still provide, without making concessions to the melodic, rhythmic, or harmonic ease of so many so-called “children’s” works that may be heard.

In this aspect, the Auto do Menino Jesus (Auto for the Baby Jesus) looks to mediaeval models of the Christmas mystery for it austerity, and lends itself, as is typical of the popular autos (dramatic works), to a certain dramatization/theatricality/staging for the promoter of its public performance.

Sérgio Azevedo