Fatima Fonte (1983 - )

Ref. ava100422


Duration: approximately 3 min.




Programme notes:

The word “arabesco” means arabic styled capricious ornament; on visual arts, it can designate a group of full of variations and intertwined drawings that arrange creeper type sets of patterns.They are spread infinitely on all directions, inviting the eye to move from one figure to another as soon as its shape is first understood.I made use of these impressions as a mote for my piece, by composing wavy lines, with small oscillations.The piece features three main parts: the first one moves until bar 53; the second one until bar 77; and the third, which includes the climax, until the end.On last part, the direction “um pouco rubato” suggests a tempo flexibility adapting to each phrase, denoting anxiety, looseness, drama, etc.