Rogério Medeiros (1979 - )

Ref. ava100425


Intermezzo, For Solo Contrabass Encomenda da Antena2 / RTP  Prémio Jovens Músicos, Edição de 2008   

Three minutes of music, three time indications, three sections. This numeric relation defines a three-part musical moment divided in scenarios well distinct on what regards to three essential aspects: character, rhythm and time.

The first of these “scenarios” suggests a mysterious mood that interacts with the second one, based on a military fanfare that underlies the previous scenario.

The third and last “scenario” can be found in the central section of the piece suggesting a more intimate and expressive mood, mainly based on melody. This is the most intense part of the work. The last section gathers the three characters of the piece for an rhythmic outcome, showing some of the technical difficulties of the instrument.


Rogério Ferreira de Medeiros


Special interpretation notes: 

Gettato - Use the bow´s impulse to rearticulate the stroke in the same direction (up or down bow). With the forte dynamic use a stroke on the string and on a piano dynamic use the off the string stroke.

Arco ord. (abrev.) - back to normal bow stroke

Vib. (abrev.)  - vibrato

+ - left hand pizzicato


The notes indicated with the harmonic symbol must be understood as real sound pitch (they´re already transposed an octave higher), meaning that the G (first string) from the bar number 4 is the same to play and to hear (real sound pitch). The same is applied to the following bars: 6, 35 and 76-77 (first string); 23-24, 54 and 100 (second string).