Jean-François Lézé (1971)

Ref. ava080188


ANKH is a duet for violin and piano, commissioned and dedicated to Evandra de Brito Gonçalves and Ana Queiroz, whose debut took place in July 2007 at the Vila Praia de Âncora Music Festival.

The title of the piece means, in old Egyptian language, eternal life and love and is represented by a cross. This cross symbolizes the immortality and power of the gods in ancient Egypt.

The shape of the symbol ANKH consists of a knot that unites "all elements of the world" and the "Cross of conscience."

In musical terms, is a tripartite work (small sonata form ABA'), and the originality of it is that the central section being a cadence that is introduced by the violin, and subsequently shared with the piano, breaking with the more traditional concept where one of the instruments (in this case, the violin) would play a more soloists. Hence it is a Duo and not a piece for violin and piano tracking. Both instruments are characters of equal importance.

The violin gives the two themes developed during the work, with all the rhythmic and harmonic structure is supported by the piano.