Daniel Moreira (1983- )

Ref. ava100409



3' min

Pastoral is an essentially melodical piece.  The direction and range of melodic movements, together with the tension inherent in each musical interval, defines its musical discourse. Such melodic writing conveys a lyrical character, evoking a pastoral or even bucolic atmosphere (as indicated by the title). In this specific matter, the piece follows a long tradition, no doubt inspired by the sonorous traits of the oboe.

Together with this lyrical aspect (associated with melodic writing, rhythmic fluidity and pastoral atmosphere) comes a narrative dimension associated with the form of the piece. The form consists of the gradual development of the initial melodic gesture, in terms of rhythm, register and dynamics. In the climax, the oboe plays rapid arpeggio-like figurations, fortissimo, covering the whole range of the instrument.           

This piece, composed between November and December 2009, was commissioned by Antena 2 /RDP, for the 2010 edition of Young Musicians Prize.