Im Kreis

Franz-Jürgen Dörsam

Ref. ava100455

Im Kreis

Fur Soloklarinette in B / Para Clarinete em Sib Solo

For Solo Clarinet in Bb


In the circle is moving musically and physical in a space of a circle. The musician appears already playing in the concert hall, penetrating in the ´circle´of the public, ´narrating´ the music and leaving on a circular path the hall (parts A and D).


In the circle has a four part structure, part A and D are indentical and should be used as an entrance and exit. They could be extended, if necessary, with the repetitions. Harmonically they are related with the main chords of the middle parts.

There are four chords, where the intervals are diminuting:

1. f -c natural-e-natural

2. g natural-b natural-d sharp

3. g sharp-a natural-c natural

4. a sharp-b natural


The Parts B and C are variations about the chords mentioned above