Six Small Duos

Eli Camargo Junior

Ref. ava100491

Six Small Duos

“Six Small Duos”, for two Guitars 

The “Six Small Duos” are part of a repertoire I created in Portugal, over the years that I taught guitar in the Official Music Conservatories. It’s primary purpose was to have music for school auditions, and promote the magnificent collection of Portuguese musical folklore, enabling interaction between students at different levels of education. This objective has been extrapolated, the work repeatedly presented to the public outside the academic context. The basic melodies are derived from the Portuguese Popular Songbook – by  Michel Giacometti and Fernando Lopes-Graça, and were arranjed using modal and tonal values. The textures are varied, exploring something more than the traditional melody/accompainment formula.  

Eli Camargo Jr

Vila Franca de XiraMay 1997

Listen to an excerpt:

"Seis Pequenos duos", para guitarras
Pedro Rufino e Francisco Franco

"nº 2 São Gonçalo D'Amarante"

"nº 5 Ó menino, ó."