Ancient Music, op. 37

António Victorino D' Almeida (1940)

This work will be available soon.

Ancient Music, op. 37

Ancient Music, op. 37    

(piano, violin, flute, oboe, acoustic guitar, and 2 percussionists) 

1 - Marcial

2 - Allegro molto

3 - Allegro vivo

4 - Allegretto semplice

5 - Allegro molto

6 -Moderato non troppo

7 - Allegro assai 

It is an original suite, but taken from 2 theater plays, Shakespeare’s one of them, directed by António Pedro.Latter on, I made use of some of these themes for a play about D. João II, but the concerto piece – dedicated to Joly Braga Santos - is a lot older and it was always called «Ancient Music».In fact, I tried to recreate the ancient world’s ambience, something like Middle Ages or Renascence, appealing to a musical evocation for the spirit of Times, notwithstanding technically it was not ancient at all…