“Un rêve d’un rêve”,op.38

António Victorino D' Almeida (1940)

This work will be available soon.

“Un rêve d’un rêve”,op.38

“Un rêve d’un rêve”, op. 38

(piano, violin, flute and clarinet)

 Effectively, this work has an oniric atmosphere. For instance, just like the very same note can be prolonged and changing its timbre, in one’s dreams, an idea could turn into completely different visual aspects… It is a music that rolls itself up and reborn always a bit different, dealing with a mystic frontier incapable of distinguishing nightmare from reverie. As a last resource, the dream itself turns into rêve, which is the same, but in another word and in another language, so one would doubt if one had a dream with something concrete, or it was just a dream of a dream…